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We are happy to offer “HOUSE CALLS for PETS.” Many times a visit to the Veterinarian’s office causes stress for a pet and often inconvenience for an owner, especially if a large dog or multiple pets are involved. Having the Veterinarian come to the home eliminates the stress and in the case of someone without transportation allows them to get the medical treatment their pets need.

Our services include Wellness Check-ups, Annual Vaccinations and, of course, Sick Calls when an animal is not feeling well. Unlike many other Veterinarians who are willing to make house calls, House Calls for Pets is backed up by a full service Veterinary Hospital if the need should arise. Transportation of the pet to and from the hospital is also available. Clients can feel confident that the doctor they are comfortable with during a house call is the one taking care of their pet if hospitalization is necessary.



Dr. Nesvold arriving at the home of her clients.  All House Calls are done by appointment only.


While in the comfort of their home, this busy couple and their cats enjoy the convenience of a house call. Being much more relaxed in his own home, Dr. Nesvold is able to examine “Wildfire” a loveable Abyssinian cat.


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